Teddy Cream whirlwind European weekend!

That Sound Agency duo, Teddy Cream, has been invited back to Ireland for a whirlwind weekend of three shows. Dubbed the ’Trick or Treat Random Weekend’, the boys will return to Ireland after their hugely successful debut UK tour earlier this year which saw them play in England, Ireland and Scotland. And as Teddy Cream told Inthemix not long after they returned from that tour, it was quite an eye-opening experience to see just how popular they were outside of Australia:

‘To go to another country, like Ireland and Scotland, and people know who you are? It’s crazy. It was probably crazier over there than it is back home.’ (If you want to read more of that interview with Inthemix then head over here)
With their growing international profile the sky is literally the limit for the That Sound Agency duo.  

Tour Dates:

Saturday 29th October: Pulse, Letterkenny IRE
Sunday 30th October: Karma, Athlone IRE
Saturday 29th October: Pulse, Letterkenny IRE

Free download of ‘Keep Burning’ here!