Sammy La Marca

Sammy La Marca

Melbourne has an endless supply of riches when it comes to local production and DJ talent, and standing out from this very talented crowd is a tough task indeed, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem for Melbourne-native Sammy La Marca. Since he hit the scene 3 years ago, La Marca has blazed through the local club scene with a contagious minimal/techno/bounce sound that has seen him collect followers at a very impressive pace. But it’s not just the clubs where La Marca excels, as he has also built an impressive catalogue of productions which have introduced him to an international audience.

The production-bug hit La Marca in his very early teens, and the countless hours learning his craft has lead to him becoming a familiar name on Beatport, but it’s not just his ability to constantly hit the right note that is so impressive; it’s the quality of his tracks which continually hit the charts on Beatport’s Top 20 Minimal charts. His skills have seen him become a go-to producer for a variety of DJs, labels and collaborators such as Orkestrated, Teddy Cream, Psymal Records and Look Alive Records just to name a few. A big feature for La Marca in 2015 was more time spent in the studio so stay tuned for some massive upcoming releases very soon…

2015 has been a huge year for La Marca with residencies around Melbourne and beyond which have cemented him as one of Australia’s leading players: Tramp, Wah Wah Lounge, Cloud Nine and Empire are just some of the venues and promoters queuing up for La Marca’s weekly services, and with an uptake in his gig schedule outside of Melbourne including the annual Schoolies weekend on the Gold Coast, word about his energetic sound has definitely spread beyond his city of residence. It’s not just the club environment though where La Marca shines, and he has received bookings from some of Australia’s largest festivals including Earthcore, Stereosonic, and last year’s swansong event for Future Music festival.

A fresh new signing to the That Sound Agency roster plus a whole host of releases lined up for release later in the year, 2016 is already looking like it will emerge as the year that Sammy La Marca took things to the next level.